5 Tips For Incorporating More Seafood Into Your Life

Posted on: 29 August 2017

Seafood provides your body with necessary omega-3 fats as well as lots of other nutrients that your body needs. You should try to incorporate seafood into at least a couple of meals every week. Here are a few tips for adding more seafood to your diet:

#1 Start Small

The first thing that you need to do is start small. You don't need to make eight ounces of fish for each people at your home when you make fish. You can start with much smaller servings and amounts of fish while you add it to your meals. To get a benefit from eating fish, you don't need to eat huge amounts of fish with your meal. Incorporating small amounts of fish into your meals is a great way to start. Smaller servings sides can be more affordable to purchase and can be easier for you to add to meals that you already make.

#2 Start With Fish You Don't Have To Cook

You don't have to make some really fancy dish in order to enjoy fish with your meal. Start by adding some fish to your salad. You can purchase some canned tuna and add it to your salad. Or you can add some sardines or some smoked tuna or other smoked fish. This is an easy way to add fish to your meal without having to figure out how to cook the fish at the same time.

#3 Try Out Some Fish Tacos

Another easy type of fish dish to try is fish tacos. You can use a variety of fish for fish tacos, such as cod, flounder, halibut, snapper, grouper, or even Mahi Mahi. All of these white type of fish work great for fish tacos. You can cook the fish in a skillet and shred it up for the tacos.

The great thing about fish tacos is that the fish is not the main flavor in the dish. You can add cilantro, lime juice, cabbages, jalapeno peppers, onions, and salsa. You can add slices of avocado or some slices of mango to your dish. This is a good fish starter dish because you can use a variety of fish in the dish as well as lots of different toppings.

#4 Cook It In Your Skillet

An easy way to cook all sorts of types of fish is in your skillet. You can cook fish as different as shrimp to salmon to cod in your skillet. The fish will get cooked, the oils and spices can add flavor, and the fish should not get overdone or dried out at all.

#5 Mix It With Other Flavors & Dishes You Enjoy

Finally, you don't have to learn how to make fancy fish dishes in order to add it to your diet. Just incorporate fish into foods that you already make. For example, you can add fish to just about any type of pasta dish or salad that you make. You can add it to your tacos, enchiladas and even your nachos. You can make it a side dish with the fruits and vegetables that you already serve with dinner. You don't have to learn how to make a bunch of new dishes in order to enjoy fish; just add a side of fish to the dishes that you already enjoy. 

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