4 Tips To Creating The Perfect Burger For Your Restaurant

Posted on: 10 October 2017

As the owner of a burger restaurant, your success lies heavily on how well you can make burgers. If your restaurant can't deliver, customers aren't going to come back, which leaves you without much revenue. Therefore, you need to make sure you are on top of your burger-making game. Here are a few tips to ensure you can make the best burger ever:

Tip #1: Select a Beef with Some Fat Content

While fat may not necessarily be the healthiest, you want to have a good-tasting, juicy burger because that is what people are going to want to buy and that is what people are going to keep coming back to your restaurant for. Therefore, you need to select a beef with a little bit of fat content rather than lean meat. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't offer a lean burger on your menu for those who only want to purchase and eat a healthy burger.

Tip #2: Consider Grinding Your Own Meat

When it comes to meat, you have no idea what's in it unless you take care of it yourself or you are best friends with the neighborhood butcher. If you grind your own meat, then you know exactly what is in your blend and you know that your beef is fresh and the best quality.

If you are going to grind your own, you will need a food processor or a KitchenAid attachment (or something similar). You will then dice the meat, add your favorite seasonings, and then put it in the freezer for roughly half an hour. Once it is firm (but not frozen), you can put it in your processor and pulse it until you have created a uniform mixture.

An excellent combination of meat is chuck steak and sirloin (equal parts), though you could consider throwing in some short rib and/or brisket to liven things up.

Tip #3: Always Keep the Meat Cold – and Your Hands

It is important that everything remains cold as you are preparing your burgers. This includes your hands and the meat. If your hands aren't cold, the meat will stick to them. If the meat isn't cold, then the fat won't expand the way it needs to so that it creates flavor pockets. Without those flavor pockets, the burger doesn't have that superior juicy flavor that it could have.

Tip #4: Make an Indentation in Your Patties

It is crucial that your hamburgers cook evenly. To ensure that this is the case, you need to create a dimple, or a thumbprint, in each and every patty before you place it on the grill. The impression will disappear as the patty cooks, and it will ensure that the burger doesn't puff up and bulge in the center. So, in the end, you have a perfectly-shaped and cooked burger.