Fantasy Football Leagues: 4 Ways To Use Sports Bars For League Gatherings

Posted on: 2 June 2016

Fantasy football has been around for multiple decades, but the popularity has really grown over the past few years. One of the biggest causes of this change is due to digital technology and wireless access to fantasy football leagues. While playing fantasy football on the computer is fun, it also eliminates some of the emotion and excitement that comes with interacting with other players in your league. By planning ahead, you can increase the real-life interactions for your fantasy football leagues by holding gatherings at a local sports bar. These interactions are great ways to bond your leagues, make friends, and get more out of the football season.

Live Drafts

Before the football season begins, you can meet up with other fantasy football league members to hold a live draft. A live draft can feature more intense moments and fun ways to bond while also allowing the league to get together as a whole. As you plan a live draft, you can host it at a sports bar. By reserving a large table or a few booths, your league members can easily bring portable devices to complete the draft. Roster sheets can be printed out and food can be ordered for entertaining. It's a great way to start the fantasy football season and set the tone for the rest of the year.

Football Game Nights

Once the season has begun, you can host special fantasy football game nights at a local bar and grill. These official fantasy nights can include drinks and meals as you watch some of the key NFL games. Sports bars often host food and drink specials for these games, giving your fantasy league a number of options like party platters and pitchers of drinks to share together. The nights are a great way to compare teams, talk about trading players, and discuss fantasy football league topics. For example, players may have questions or concerns about the point format, trade deadlines, or some of the rules. By bringing up these topics in a fun and casual atmosphere, you can keep the league friendly and encourage positive communication. To help promote your league and showcase members, you can even order custom t-shirts to wear at these events. It's a fun way to celebrate your league and enjoy football games.

One-on-One Stakes

Each week, fantasy football teams face off in head-to-head match-ups. This can create some fun games and rivalries between friends. Along with the fantasy football outcome, you can add more to the competition by creating some one-on-one stakes. For example, if you're enjoying a game at a bar and grill, you can wager a meal or appetizer on the outcome of the match-up. This is a great way to get the league together and increase the intensity of each match up. As you play against different teams each week, you can create new one-on-one stakes to enjoy.

Fantasy Proposition Games

When watching live games at a sports bar, there may only be one or two players at a time to follow. Instead of waiting for big plays, you can create small side leagues with different types of proposition bets. Proposition bets are novelty bets that are typically made based on luck rather than skill. As your league gathers together, these bets can help add more fun and may also include different prizes. Throughout the course of a football game, you can add proposition bets based on the coin toss, who will score first, and what types of points will be scored. Sports bars often have multiple televisions with various games airing. This allows your league members to follow different game results at the same time. Printing out score sheets and tracking bets is a great way to keep your fantasy league involved throughout the whole game. Consult with other team members to choose different prop bets that you want to include in your league.

By going to a local sports bar and adding some of these real-life interactions to your league, you can create a new annual tradition that transforms your league away from the digital screen and into real-life bonding.