Tips For Running An Italian Restaurant

Posted on: 18 July 2023

Many aspects of running a restaurant are the same regardless of the cuisine that you serve. However, there are also some specific intricacies that come with running certain types of restaurants. Running an Italian restaurant, for instance, is quite different from running a sushi bar or a sandwich shop. So, what tips might you want to follow if you are running an Italian restaurant? Here are a few.

Always offer pizza and spaghetti.

There are all sorts of unique Italian dishes you can include on your menu. Bruschetta, porchetta, and chicken piccata, for example, are all worth serving. However, a good number of your customers will come into the Italian restaurant in search of the classics: pasta and pizza. You do not have to turn your whole restaurant into a pizza joint, but make sure you at least offer a basic margherita pizza and spaghetti. This way, customers who come in for these items will stay rather than move on to another place. Feel free to set your pizza and spaghetti apart with your own signature touches, too.

Focus on dishes that use different ingredients.

In a cuisine that calls for so much pasta, bread, and tomato sauce, it is really easy for the menu to start to feel repetitive. Make a point of including a few dishes that are totally different and use different ingredients than the rest. This will keep guests curious so they come back. It will also help set you apart from other Italian restaurants that really do serve overly similar dishes.

Work with a good bakery.

Find a good, local bakery that is willing and able to bake your Italian bread. If you start every table off with a basket of free bread, and that bread is really great, customers will rave about your restaurant. Just make sure you price your meals to account for the bread you're giving out. Send it out with olive oil, not butter, as that is more authentically Italian.

Take your time to try different ingredient brands.

When you're making a simple dish with just a few ingredients, as is common in Italian cuisine, the quality of those ingredients really matters. So, take your time to try different brands and have your chefs use the ones that taste best. It's worth paying a few extra cents per jar of tomatoes if they are truly incredible.

With these tips, you should have an easier time running an Italian restaurant. For more information, contact an Italian food restaurant near you.