4 Benefits To Having Your Wedding Catering Delivered

Posted on: 15 June 2016

If you are hosting a large event, such as a wedding, then you will likely want to have some of the food professionally catered. The bulk of any wedding budget tends to be catering, including rentals, set-up, the food and drink, and service. Many people planning weddings decide to cut catering costs by having a buffet without service and by picking up and setting up their own catering as opposed to having it delivered and set up by the company providing the food. While this can save you a significant amount of money, it is important to realize the benefits you will be sacrificing if you decide not to have your catering delivered. Below are four reasons you should pay the extra to have your food delivered and set up. 

Professionals Have Appropriate Means of Transportation

Your caterer likely has a catering van to transport all of the food for your event. This will help keep hot food hot and cold food cold, which is important when outside temperatures are too hot for safe food transportation. Additionally, secure racks and transportation blankets keep the food from moving around during transportation. This can make the difference between food that looks amazing and appetizers that look squished or broken. Even if you are a careful driver, if you are transporting large quantities of food in your personal vehicle, there is a good chance that something will spill. 

Professionals Are Used to Driving With Food In the Vehicle 

Besides simple having an appropriate vehicle, your caterer is experienced delivering food to parties. This means that they know how to handle traffic in a way that will not cause damage to the food. Additionally, they are less likely to be experiencing the high amount of stress that you or your loved ones are on your wedding day, making it safer for them to be driving a vehicle across town. Through experience, they also know exactly how long it will take to deliver the food to you, which will ensure that the food arrives on time as opposed to early or late.  

If Problems Arise, the Caterer Will Fix Them

In case something does happen, like a spilled plate of appetizers, your caterer will recognize their fault and fix the issue if they are delivering the food. This means that they may re-plate food or even make extras to cover transportation issues. However, if you have a problem transporting the food yourself, then you will have to fix the problem on your own. This may mean serving less food or serving food that does not look as perfect and appetizing as it could. 

It Will Allow You To Concentrate On Your Guests

If you decide to pick up your catering, you will either have to take time away from your guests to do so, or you will have to assign someone from your friends and family to help you. Either way, the person who is put in charge of picking up the catering will be away from the wedding festivities for a large portion of the day, and they may not be able to socialize with guests while the food is being set up. Having your caterer deliver your food allows you and all of your loved ones to concentrate on celebrating your big day as opposed to arranging food. While you may have to take a few minutes to direct the catering team about where to put the food, you will not have to oversee the entire setup. 

Although a DIY wedding can save you a lot of money, there are certain areas where you should not try to cut corners. Picking up your own catering is one of those areas, so let a catering company like Silicon Valley Corporate Catering and Event Management take care of the work for you.