How To Create A Sandwich Buffet Table For A Special Event

Posted on: 12 March 2017

Whether you're hosting a super-casual daytime party or a refined affair, a sandwich buffet table can be appropriate, depending on how it's set up and the ingredients you serve. Serving a lunch buffet sandwich spread is convenient because it will allow each guest to customize their own meal. 

Rather than asking all the attendees if they have dietary restrictions prior to the event, you can include a bit of everything when creating a serve-yourself sandwich buffet. Be sure to provide a mix of traditional deli meats, along with vegan, vegetarian, and even gluten-free items to please everyone on your guest list.

Here are some tips for a creating a taste-tempting sandwich buffet table for your next event:

1.Decorate the Table 

An eye-catching buffet table will make the lunch spread look more appealing, so prepare it a little bit prior to laying out the food. For an easy, classic look, use a crisp white table cloth or runner, which will also easily cover any imperfections on the table surface.

For a customized look with minimal effort, use a cloth featuring a color or pattern that coordinates with the overall event theme, such as red for a Memorial Day bash. A vase of fresh flowers will make a simple yet attractive table centerpiece.

2. Choose the Bread

Bread has the ability to make or break a sandwich, so put some thought into your selection. Set out baskets of several different types of breads and buns, such as hearty wheat and traditional white bread slices, rich, buttery croissants, and flaky kaiser rolls. Don't forget to include a gluten-free selection as well.

You can also supply pita bread, as well as flour tortillas for guests who prefer to make sandwich wraps. As a creative, low-carb alternative to bread, include large lettuce leaves for wrapping. 

3. Pick the Proteins 

Along with the traditional sliced deli meat, such as chicken and ham, provide a few other high-protein options as well. Some ideas include tuna, chicken and egg salads, meat-free, soy-based deli slices, and even peanut butter and jelly for the younger guests. If you aren't sure which meats would go well with the bread you've picked up, talk with your local sandwich shop for some ideas.

Provide a few trays of sliced cheeses, ranging from classic cheddar to fancier dill Havarti.

4. Decide on the Fillings 

The more fillings you provide, the more fun party-guests will have when creating their own sandwich masterpieces. Serve up all of the basic sandwich fillings, including pickles, sliced tomatoes, and onions. But throw in a few unexpected items as well. Delight guests with a few surprise additions such as hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted eggplant, sliced apples and grapes, falafel, and marinated artichoke hearts.