Give Your Spouse A Break After A Long Day Of Work

Posted on: 17 April 2018

If your spouse works hard each day, just to come home and turn their attention to preparing a home-cooked meal and tidying up around the house, you may be in awe of the sacrifices that your loved one makes just to keep your household afloat. Treat your partner to a delicious meal that includes some of their favorite types of pizza. Afterward, welcome your spouse to sit down with you to watch a movie that they have been anxious to see. 

Order Pizza And Prepare The Dining Room Table

Order pizza takeout from your spouse's favorite pizzeria. If you are not sure which variety your loved one prefers the most, splurge and purchase a couple different types. Ask about daily specials and side dishes that can be added to your order so that the meal that you surprise your partner with will be filling and tasty.

If the pizzeria is located nearby your home and you do not mind venturing out, make arrangements to pick up your order. Otherwise, make arrangements to have the pizza and additional items delivered to your home shortly before your spouse is due to arrive. Drape a tablecloth over the dining room table and place a couple candles in the center of the table.

The soft glow that each candle emits will be easy on the eyes and will provide the dining room with a peaceful aura. Set the table with dinnerware and cutlery. Once your spouse arrives, lead them to the table and announce that you have decided to give them a break from cooking and cleaning for the evening. Welcome them to sit down and relax while they eat their meal.

Clean Up And Invite Your Spouse To Watch A Movie 

After dinner, volunteer to wash and dry the dishes and silverware and tidy up other areas in your home that have recently been overlooked. Encourage your partner to take a shower or hot bubble bath while you are tending to the chores. Let your spouse know that you would like to watch a movie with them after you have finished cleaning.

Do not rush your partner and reinforce that they have plenty of time to relax in the shower or bathtub. Once you have straightened up and your loved one is refreshed, carry some pillows and blankets into the living room and place them on the couch or a chair. Invite your spouse to lay back on the couch or in a recliner while they view the movie.