Planning Your Family Reunion? How To Give Your Guests An Authentic Taste Of Italy

Posted on: 13 February 2019

If you're planning an Italian dinner event for your next family reunion, you'll want to get all the details exactly right. Italian dining is the perfect way to create an atmosphere that encourages warmth with great food and conversation. Here are three simple tips that will help you plan an Italian dinner event that your family will remember.

Set the Tone

When it comes to planning an Italian dinner event, you need to make sure that you set the tone right from the start. To begin with, make sure that your tables are set up for optimum interaction between your family members. One way to do that is to set your tables up in a large square configuration. That way, everyone can see each other. Next, fill the air with plenty of Italian music. You can do that with either a live band or with a DJ who's experienced with Italian music. Finally, choose the right lighting for your event. You want just enough lighting to ensure that everyone can see each other but not enough light to flood the space.

Go Beyond the Pasta

If you want to set your Italian dinner event apart from all the rest, go beyond the pasta. No Italian meal is complete without the pasta, but it's important to remember that Italian cuisine has so much more to offer. Here's a good way to ensure that your guests get a complete Italian dining experience.


When the dinner begins, start off with the appetizers. This can be anything from carefully selected meats and cheeses to roasted fig salads. The trick is to whet your guests' appetites and prepare them for the main courses.

First Course

Once your guests have had the opportunity to enjoy the appetizers, you should move on to the first main course. This is where you'll want to serve your soup and pasta selections.

Second Course

For your second main course, offer your guests a hearty Italian meat dish, such as sausage with broccoli or chicken parmesan.


Finally, you'll want to finish off the meal with an authentic Italian dessert, such as tiramisu or pana cotta.

Choose the Right Wine Pairings

If you're going to be serving wine at your dinner event, make sure you choose the right pairings. The right wine will ensure that your guests are able to savor the flavor of the meal. If you want to make sure your wine selections go well with everything you'll be serving, go with a Sangiovese or a Pinot Grigio.

Contact an Italian catering service for help planning your event.