Three Creative Menu Ideas To Make Your Steakhouse Kid-Friendly

Posted on: 4 July 2019

Some parents enjoy a night out at a nice steakhouse, but finding a sitter isn't always possible. Making your restaurant's menu a bit more kid-friendly can entice tired but sitter-less parents to come and dine. If you are thinking about adding a kids' menu or tweaking your current offerings, here are some fun ideas to consider that keep with the theme of your restaurant.

Kiddie Surf And Turf

Kids sometimes like to order just like their parents, and adding a menu item that sounds a bit sophisticated can be fun for little ones. A kiddie surf and turf menu is perfect for kids who want to feel a little grown up. You can offer meatloaf, Salisbury steak, or a hamburger as the turf options. and let kids choose from fish sticks, popcorn shrimp or breaded fish fillets as the surf. Use this part of your menu as a mix-and-match selection so kids can choose exactly what they want. Don't forget about side dishes, which can include French fries, fruit, or hush puppies.

Build-A-Burger Platter

Consider letting kids play with their food a little by offering a build-a-burger bar right at the table. You can use long dishes filled with small ramekins to give kids a host of topping options, along with a small plate to hold the burgers and fries. On your menu, provide a selection of topping combinations, such as pickles, shoestring potatoes, and bacon. Kids can then choose the combination they want and build their burgers when they arrive at the table. This idea keeps kids busy so parents have some time to enjoy their food.

Mini Food Flights

Getting kids to try new foods isn't always easy, but you can help parents out by creating mini food flights for your menu. This idea lets parents and kids choose a host of menu options, which are served tapas-style. Steak sliders, fried pickle chips, potato skins, and mini crab cakes are just a few ideas you can add to the mini food flight menu. Look for fun plate designs to make this idea even more fun, and be sure to keep each item on the flight menu bite-sized. Kids won't feel overwhelmed by large portions of food they may or may not like, and they can get excited about sampling a few different foods as part of their meal.

Once you have all of the menu items selected, work with a printer to create a kid-inspired design for the actual menus kids will use. Coloring pages, activities, and puzzles are all great options for keeping kids engaged while parents have a delicious dinner at your steakhouse. For more information, contact a company like Z Prime Steakhouse today.