5 Tips For Throwing A Kid's Birthday Party At A Restaurant

Posted on: 26 October 2019

If you have a kid-friendly restaurant in your area, that on top of offering food, offers activities for kids, you have the perfect place to host a birthday party. When planning a birthday party for your kid at a restaurant, there are a few little details you need to take care of. 

1. Make a Reservation 

Don't just think you can show up on a Saturday afternoon and secure a table for a party of twenty people for your child's birthday party. Don't take that risk with your child's birthday party. Restaurants that cater to children host a lot of birthday parties, so you need to call in advance and make a reservation for the day and time that you want to hold the party. That way, you know that there is a dedicated place for the party to take place.  

2. Find Out About Decorations 

Some birthday locations will provide you with a choice of decorations for the party, and others will allow you to bring in your own decorations. Find out what your options are. If you can bring in your own decorations, prep your decorations before the party, and send someone down about a half-hour before the big event to decorate. Be sure to add this decoration time into your reservation time. Arrange for your child to arrive once the decorations are already up; this will make the experience feel more magical for them. 

3. Order Ahead of Time 

With a birthday party for young children, you want to be able to control when you eat the food and when you enjoy the cake. This can be taken care of by ordering ahead of time. Most locations that host birthday parties will have menus for big events. Figure out how much food you need, order it, and let them know when you want the main food served and when you want to do dessert. 

4. Share Details with Partygoers 

Make a detailed invitation. Let them know where the party will be held, and where you will be in the restaurant. For example, if you will be back in a party room, you don't want people to get confused looking for it. Also, include information about what will be served. Ask for parents to contact you about any allergies or health issues before the party. Make it clear if parents can drop off their kids, or if they are invited to stick around for the party as well. Be sure to get RSVPs so you can order the right amount of food. Make the pick-up time period clear on the invitation as well; you don't want to be waiting at the restaurant for an extra hour with that one kid whose parent though the party would last longer than it did.  

Dazzle your child by hosting their next birthday party at their favorite kid-friendly restaurant. Be sure to make a reservation, plan for decorations, and put your order in ahead of time. Create a detailed invitation, get RSVPs, and have a plan for the flow of the birthday party.  

For more information on how local restaurants can make your life easier, check out the options in your area.