Gourmet Sandwiches For You And Your Co-Workers

Posted on: 24 April 2020

Fresh-baked bread, sliced meat, gourmet cheese, and an array of condiments may be the ingredients you envision when you contemplate purchasing lunch from a sandwich shop. If you and your co-workers hold a monthly staff meeting, treat everyone to a delicious lunch and take the opportunity to rate the sandwiches, based upon their appearance, taste, and texture.

Decide How The Meal Will Be Served

There are several ways that you can present the sandwiches to your peers. You can order an array of sandwiches that are featured on the menu, select a spread of finger sandwiches or quartered sandwiches and set them on a tray, or request that meat, cheese, bread, and condiments are packaged separately. If you decide to go with the deconstructed sandwich style, use some trays or large platters to display the ingredients and inform your co-workers that they can create their sandwiches in whatever manner they prefer.

A day or two before the meeting, present your peers with a copy of the sandwich shop's menu and request that each person select the sandwich that they prefer. If you have a lot of items to order and some of the selections are going to be customized, place your order in advance. Make arrangements to pick up the lunch items or have them delivered to your place of business.

Give Everyone Something To Look Forward To

Conducting a business meeting can be a serious affair, especially if new goals are being introduced or if you have a marketing strategy that you would like to share with everyone. Hold off on serving lunch until after the meeting is finished. Let everyone know that if the meeting goes as planned, lunch will be served immediately afterward. Set up a couple of tables next to the area where the meeting is going to take place.

If you decide to pick up the order a couple of hours before the meeting begins, refrigerate the meat, cheese, and other perishable ingredients. When it is time for lunch to be served, either hand out the sandwiches that were prepared for everyone or allow everyone to construct their own sandwich.

Ask for each person's input concerning which type of roll, bread, meat, cheese, or combination of ingredients are preferred the most. Take note of each person's opinion and use this information to guide you in placing an order for a subsequent meeting or group activity that will be held in conjunction with a company lunch.