Tips For Ordering At An A La Carte Steakhouse

Posted on: 24 May 2021

While some steakhouses include side dishes with every meal, others serve their dishes a la carte. This basically means that you order each item separately from the menu. When you order a steak, you just get a steak. If you want sides or other dishes, you have to order them separately. This menu and ordering style is really great for diners who like to customize their meals, and for those who are picky and may not like certain pre-included sides. However, there are a few tips you may benefit from if you're new to ordering a la carte.

Expect large side portions.

Generally, when you order sides a la carte, the serving sizes are particularly larger than they would be if the restaurant were to include sides with a meal. It would seem silly, after all, for a restaurant to bring out a half-cup scoop of potatoes in a little dish, or three spears of asparagus on a tiny plate. Just keep this in mind so you don't end up over-ordering. One side is usually plenty alongside a steak. If you want to sample more than one side dish on the a la carte menu, see if the others in your party are willing to order different sides and share.

Verify when each dish will be served.

When ordering a la carte, the server will usually assume that you want side dishes brought out at the same time as your steak. Any appetizers will be brought out first. However, if you want your items brought out in a different order, the restaurant will usually be willing and able to accommodate this. You'll need to be specific, though. If you want your appetizer brought out first, the side second, and the steak last, then say that. This can actually be a really nice way to enjoy your meal. You can truly focus on each dish as it is presented without being distracted by the others.

Ask whether or not any sauces are included.

If you're at a steakhouse where the steaks are paired with sauces, which is becoming more common, make sure you check the menu or ask if the sauces are included with the steak. Some restaurants will include one sauce with the steak. Others take a full a la carte approach and charge you separately for the sauce, which means you don't even need to order a sauce if you like your steak without it.

With the tips above, you should have an easier time ordering and enjoying your meal at an a la carte restaurant. For more information, contact a local steakhouse restaurant, like Lawry's The Prime Rib Dallas.