Three Batter Options For Fish And Chips

Posted on: 17 October 2022

Whether you're visiting a seafood restaurant or a pub, one item on the menu that may jump out at you is the fish and chips. This is a popular dish that people often appreciate for its simplicity. It's a satisfying hot meal on a cold day and doesn't take long to eat when you're in a hurry. If you've decided that you wish to order fish and chips for lunch or dinner, you'll often have a choice about what batter option you want the fish to have. Restaurants that are known for their fish and chips often have multiple batter types on the menu. Here are three choices.


You can expect to find a traditional type of batter at virtually any restaurant that features fish and chips on its menu. While this matter can vary a little from establishment to establishment, it typically features flour and water. The simplicity of a traditional fish batter allows the flavor of the fish to come through, which is ideal if you love this taste. Some traditional batters include baking soda, which helps to give the batter somewhat of a lighter taste and texture.


Beer batter is another popular type of batter that you'll find on fried fish. As its name indicates, this batter features beer as the source of liquid. Beer batter is a common choice at pubs, although you'll often find it at various seafood restaurants, too. The addition of beer changes the taste of the batter to some degree, which can be ideal for those who enjoy this type of flavor. Beyond the flavor change, the beer adds a lightness that helps to make the batter a popular choice for fish and chip enthusiasts.


When you visit a Japanese restaurant, you'll often encounter all sorts of tempura dishes on the menu. For example, you can expect to see shrimp and a variety of vegetables that are coated in this special batter and then fried. Some restaurants that specialize in fish and chips offer fish that has tempura batter, which can be a unique option for you to try. The unique method of making tempura batter, which relies on ice-cold water instead of room-temperature water, helps to give this batter an extremely light and crispy consistency that a lot of people enjoy. To sample fish and chips with one of these batter types, make plans to visit a restaurant that has seafood on its menu.

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