Begin Your Italian Restaurant Meal With An Antipasto Platter

Posted on: 19 December 2022

If you're visiting an Italian restaurant with friends, it's nice to converse over an appetizer before you dig into your main courses. While each person can order their own appetizer, there's something special about choosing a platter for the table that everyone can share. You'll see several different options on the menu, but a popular choice at this type of eatery is an antipasto platter. A big perk of this platter is that it's loaded with several different foods, ensuring that everyone will find something they enjoy snacking on. Here are some things you'll find on this platter.

Cured Meats

A prime attraction on an antipasto platter is the selection of cured meats. Expect to see pieces of salami, prosciutto, guanciale, mortadella, and other Italian cured meats for you to enjoy. These meats are typically arranged stylishly on the platter. For example, it's common to see harder meats such as salami rolled up, making them easy to grab with a fork or even with your fingers. Many restaurants make a point of featuring unique versions of these meats, which will give you all sorts of enjoyable flavor profiles. If you enjoy spice, you can expect that some of these meats will have spicy flavor notes.


Cheese is another key component of an antipasto platter. There will be several different varieties, all cut into small, bite-sized pieces. While your main course will likely include one or more types of cheese, they'll likely be mozzarella, Parmesan, and other common cheeses. The cheese that you find on an antipasto platter will often be more unique, almost certainly giving you a chance to try some varieties that you haven't previously sampled. There will be a few different types of goat cheese, as well as blue cheese, provolone, and more. The cheeses will vary in texture from hard to soft and spreadable.

Pickled Vegetables

No antipasto platter is complete without an array of pickled vegetables. Olives are a fixture on this type of appetizer, with most platters featuring a few olive varieties. You'll also see pickled peppers, with both sweet and hot peppers being common. Pickled eggplant, artichoke hearts, and several other vegetables are also common. The pickled flavor provides an acidity that complements the fat and creaminess of the meat and cheese. Check out the appetizer section of the menu during your next Italian restaurant visit and think about ordering an antipasto platter for the table.

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